Friday, 20 April 2012

BSNL Plan Selector

Hi Friends,
BSNL has introduced a great idea. A broadband plan selector.This is a great step from BSNL in favour of customers and a great benefit for new as well as old postpaid broadband users. No more headache for comparison tables. Just fill in the data and get your best plan options.

You have simply
fill some data online like:
1. Circle/ State Name
2. Broadband Type.
3. Rural/ Urban
4. Connection Category
5. Your Monthly Budget
6. Your Monthly Data Usage in MB
7. Night Usage
8. Your Speed Requirement.
                                                and you will get the best options within second. Enjoy !!!
Click below for BSNL Broadband Plan Selector.


  1. BSNL Broadband Payment Online-----------
    1- Don't need to go in details. If you want to make a payment of BSNL Broadband (Either FTTH(Fiber optics line) or Simple).Go to the below URL

    2- Then Sign-Up as a user. Provide your details with desired user name and password and create your login.

    3- Then login with your created credentials and then you will have the option to register your Broadband or Mobile with providing it's details like in case of Broadband(Landline No, Consumer No. etc).

    4- After Broadband registration, you can see your outstanding bills and make payment against that.

    Is not it so simple but nobody has provided this details. I have to spend 2 hours to get out this information by doing some R&D. So providing you guys this details to save your hours and efforts.

    You can say thanks to me.......

  2. want to change my bsnl braodband plan can i do me


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